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Bikrant Shrestha

Managing Director

The director of EduQuest Nepal, Bikrant Shrestha, is a skilled educator, businessman, and licensed soft skill trainer. He has more than ten years of experience as a lecturer and teacher. He is a lecturer on entrepreneurship and management at most of Kathmandu. He has affiliations with several prestigious Nepalese institutions, including CG Institute of Management, Ace International Business School, and Ace Institute of Management.

We all are different and we all need customized advice and guidance.

Swapnil Sharma

Managing Director

The director of EduQuest Nepal, Mr. Swapnil Sharma, is a skilled musician, businessman, and temporary educational counsellor. For other musicians and artists, he has served as an inspiration and source of motivation to follow their passions as careers.
While many people want to listen to music, not many think about making it their job. There is one exception, Swapnil Sharma. For those who had the skill and commitment to pursue it, he thinks becoming a musician may be a successful career.

If a passion is backed up by the proper knowledge, an artist can also be an entrepreneur.

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