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Visa Preparation Class

Facing Visa Interview though seems easy, usually creates anxiety even to experienced ones who have faced number of Interviews in their life span. EduQuest Nepal conducts Visa Preparation Classes in order to assist Interviewers so that they can handle it confidentially in a result oriented way.

Visa interview is a face-to-face interaction or by any media between two individuals. No matter the level of financial security and educational background backs up for you, preparation is a must. Know the program and how it fits you – The more you know about your program, the more focused your answers will be. You should be able to prove yourself that you have enough skills, background, and ability to advance your studies or work in the United States. Successful visa interviews are not just based on documentation and background.

Personality, enthusiasm, confidence, positive outlook, appearance, and clear communication count heavily in a visa interview. We want to fill you with extremely helpful visa interview questions you might encounter and effective ways to answer. Let’s Get Started.