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University Application Assistance

Selecting universities is a very time consuming and important process not only from the admission point of view but also because applying to universities is very expensive by Nepalese Standards. Hence it has to be restricted to around 6 or 8 universities which are best matched for your requirements. The EduQuest Nepal Admission team assists students to choose the level of degree he/she applies for, and direct them to correct form to fill in. It plays a vital role if the applicant is unsure which major they wish to study. The team provides entire support for enrollment, offer letters and the process of confirmation of enrollment. Our team is in regular touch with universities and students as a liaison body. This team believes in prompt action to overcome complications during the entire admission process.

While interviews are not part of every university’s admissions process, many institutions will ask to meet you face-to-face before admitting you. The EduQuest Nepal Team assists students to prepare for the interview to show their potential to study in the university. As interviews are scary at the best of times, EduQuest Nepal guidance makes the chances of success in getting a place at a university higher and prepares students to control their nerves before stepping into the interview with the admission team of a University.