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The USA is the most popular destination among students in Nepal seeking to pursue higher education. The academic excellence and holistic exposure available at US universities and the short-term and long-term career advantages once you invest in a US degree are the main reasons students choose the USA above other countries. In addition, the global recognition of a US degree, choice of courses, availability of financial assistance, research opportunities and the flexibility of graduate and undergraduate education in the USA are also reasons students choose the USA for their further studies.

The education system comprises of 12 years of primary and high school education, which is mandatory for getting admission in any graduate college, university, or for any professional and technical schools. It is not compulsory to accomplish these 12 years of elementary education within United States. Therefore students from overseas are also welcomed for higher education in United States.

U.S. higher education starts with undergraduate courses. You can earn either a two-year associate’s degree or a four-year bachelor’s degree. Students often earn an associate’s degree first, and then study two more years to gain a bachelor’s (or baccalaureate) degree. Usually, a bachelor’s degree will be awarded by a university, whereas an associate’s degree may be earned either at a community college or university.
Graduate degrees, often known as master’s degrees, require at least two years at a university. These are often termed “advanced professional degrees,” as they tend to be aimed at specific professions. Graduate degrees are career-advancing degrees in subjects such as medicine, law, and management. For example, a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is the standard business graduate degree. Doctorates (PhDs) usually take four years to complete, and are research-based.

Admission Intakes:

US universities typically have 2 main intakes with some institutions offering in June & March.

  1. SpringJanuary/February
  2. Fall: August/September
  3. Summer: May/June
  4. Winter: March/April


We know it’s your dream.

Career Counseling: You will be counseled on every possible career, acquainting with market scenarios and recognizing the needs. We will clear you about the short-term and long-term career prospects of you subject of choice. In short, will prepare you for the beginning of your bright future.

Course Selection: Single U.S. University offers multiple courses. We will help you to identify the right course for you knowing your subject of interest and studying your previous academic reports.

University Selection: Your academic achievement till date, budget, preferred locations and major choice will help to select the university. Your profile and university’s profile will be matched and we will suggest you universities.

Application to Institution: We will shortlist at least four institutions for your study and help you to apply to those institutions.

Scholarship Support: We will help you to get up to 100% scholarships, determined by your competency.

I-20: We will regularly follow your application status till the I-20s are received.

Interview and SEVIS Registration: We will advise you on the availability of interview dates, suitable dates and where/how to book dates. We will also guide you to register for the SEVIS.

Interview Preparation: We will provide you interview preparation classes. These classes will teach you how to present yourself, how to give answers and what to and what no to give answers.

Tuition payment Advice: Counselors advise you on the process of making a draft for your fees.

Traveler’s Check, Shopping and Immigration Advice: Counselors provide advice on how to get TCs, what to shop for and how to clear immigration once you land.

Pre- Departure Briefing: Before you fly, counselors provide you with a comprehensive briefing that will make life easier as a student in the USA.

Housing: If you need institutional housing, our counselors will arrange it for you.

Airport Pick up: if you need institutional housing, our counselors will arrange it for you.

EduQuest Nepal will always be in your touch.