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Scholarship Guidance

Financial assistance and scholarships are awarded to students who are in need of it. We assist the students in getting financial aid by selecting a recognized university and then guiding them to prepare and e-mail their documents to concerned authorities. The high authority considers all the relevant aspects of the application so that the presentation of the application package to judge by the image one projects.

EduQuest Nepal supports you to avail study abroad scholarships from the University of your Preference if you meet the eligibility criteria. We have tie ups with several institutes abroad and so, and we can provide excellent scholarship guidance with the best learning options. We give comprehensive information about various scholarships offered by different universities.

Our staffs at EduQuest Nepal conduct a complete research on all the scholarship opportunities available for students. They make an analysis of your financial and other requirements so that you can benefit in the long term. We assist you with inclusive information about types, specific conditions, norms and diverse specifications of the scholarships provided to avoid any confusion in the process.

We have a team of experts who will ensure that before you send your application for getting the scholarship, it is imperative to go through the terms and conditions. The fact is, terms and conditions are subject to change, so it is essential to notify students regarding the same. Our scholarship guidance is entirely free of cost. We provide you an excellent advice on how to succeed in winning the award.